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Static Earthing/Grounding Reel

Static discharge reels are used to ground equipment operating in hazardous atmospheres. When properly clamped to ground, the static discharge reel dissipates static electrical buildup, reducing the chances of sparking and the potential for explosion.

Static grounding Reel
Static earthing reel application
Static earthing reel

Everyone in the fuel transportation or refueling industry knows about the importance of static grounding reels for preventing explosions.

For several decades, Inspiren Technology has been providing static grounding reels, also known as static discharge reels, for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Today, the company offers one of the most comprehensive lines of static grounding reels on the market.

The reels from Inspiren Technology have been mounted to drilling platforms, truck frames, railcars, storage tanks, docks, barges, and material handling equipment worldwide.

One of the most popular applications for static grounding reels is aircraft refueling. Our reels are used in this application to ground the truck and the plane delivering the fuel to prevent static electricity from building up and causing an explosion.

As a flat spring designer, We can customize the reel’s performance to meet customer specifications. The company provides a wide range of end connectors and cable types for different applications. It also offers many stainless steel reels for harsh, corrosive, and even explosive environments.

Our heavy-duty ML series reels are ideal for applications that require longer lengths of cable.

Static grounding reel can protect yourself from dangerous static electricity when servicing your aircraft and GSE. This grounding reel is imperative for applications such as refueling, maintenance on service carts, and any situation in which flammable or combustible materials are in use.

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