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Cylindrical Fender

Cylindrical Fenders are commonly used fenders for all types of applications to ensure a safe and linear berthing for the different kinds of vessels. Cylindrical fenders are an economical solution to protect most of the berthing structures and offer ease for installation. This kind of rubber fender can effectively buffer the collision between docks and ships. Cylindrical fenders have high energy absorption and low reaction force. They are mainly suitable for tugboat and pushing vessel. It can be installed at the bow, side and stern of a ship to for pushing and pulling. Cylindrical Rubber Fender features low reaction force, less surface pressure, and reasonable energy absorption. Due to its simple shape, this marine fender is easy to install and maintain. It is suitable for all kinds of ships and docks. It has good adaptability for the morphing and rolling of ships during berthing. This rubber fender can be used as the suspended type defense equipment for various docks.

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