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Lightning Warning System

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For the most cost-effective lightning warning system in Singapore

In Singapore, the gold standard of lightning warning system is the one based on the NEA meteorological stations. It provides the most accurate and reliable lightning alerts without interruption. It is the only recognized system by Building Construction Authority (BCA) due to its reliability. It has been used by more than 200 MoE schools and government institutes. 

Why is the stand-alone lightning sensor not recommended?

  1. It is less accurate and often conflict with NEA instruction.

  2. There's no internationally agreed threshold value for such systems. Users can hardly learn to choose the warning setting and take the responsibility.

  3. It has downtime and liability issues.

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For enquires, please contact

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singapore lightning warning system
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What is a lightning warning system?
EN 50536 standard “Protection against lightning -
thunder storm warning systems” describes the basic requirements for sensor networks taking data of thunderstorm evolution in real time. The standard provides also a method for
determining  the need
for the data coming from a thunderstorm detector for taking preventive measures.


  • Singapore is an island country which is prone to lightning strikes all year round. With her location laying near the Equator, the weather here is hot and humid create a conditions that are favourable for lightning and thunderstorm clouds. Therefore, lightning warning systems are widely used in Singapore. With an average of 168 thunderstorm days per year this make Singapore one of the highest lightnings occurrence in the world.

  • According to the Code of Practice against Lightning SS555, it is required that lightning warning system is needed if the structural lightning protection is not possible. Lightning warning system is often used for roof gardens, sports complex, playground, construction sites, etc. 

  • There are different types of lightning warning systems in the market. It is important for users to select the right type of lightning warning system to achieve the desired purpose.

Our NUSiren Lightning Warning System

lightning warning system
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​Why is our NUSiren Lightning Warning System the Most Cost-effective:

  1. NUSiren NEA controller of wall mounting. No need to lay cable to connect to a master controller. Simply plug and play at the location where you need.

  2. Each NUSiren controller independently controlled by GSM signal and therefore no need to install expensive transmitter and receiver, and also avoid the signal blockage by buildings and structures.

  3. Small and portable. Can be reused for different site. 

  4. Settings changeable by us remotely within a minute upon user request. User no need to learn to program it.

  5. No LED  screen and setting buttons to confuse user. Everything set by us through Amazon server remotely. 

  6. Technology generated from NUS.


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Lightning Warning System Specifications
Lightning Warning System Specifications:
Type of detector according to EN 50536
Detection range: 50km
Cloud computing: 24/7 with zero downtime
Cloud to Ground Lightning Selection: Yes
Cloud to Cloud Lightning Selection: Yes
Lightning detection accuracy: +/- 1km
GMS Remote Control: Yes
Resolution: 100V/m
Response time: 1 second
Sensor measuring range: -32 to +32kV/m
Control Type: Wireless



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