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Inspiren Technology is an electrical equipment and lightning protection system manufacturer based in Singapore. We are devoted to providing modern electrical products, appliances, and solutions. Our core products include lightning warning system, rubber fenders, retractable cable reels, etc. We offer  cost effective and efficient solutions to suit various applications.



Inspiren Technology has a core team of highly experienced & passionate Engineers and Supervisors. We are committed to complete our works without leaving any hassle for our clients. Quality and cost effectiveness are our main objectives. 




Our Design



We are based in Singapore and have a team of passionate designers devoted to make the retractable cable reels more compact, elegant and durable. Our products are environmentally friendly and comply to CE, VDE and UL standards. They are widely used for electrical appliances, medical equipment, power systems, electrical car charging and so on.  


Our lightning warning system adopts the state-of-art technology and is the most cost-effective solution on the market. We keep our eyes on the SS555 (the lightning protection code) of Singapore and make sure our system can comply with the requirements. 



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