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Inspiren Technology is an electrical equipment and lightning protection system manufacturer based in Singapore. We are devoted to providing modern electrical products, appliances, and solutions. Our core products include lightning warning system, rubber fenders, retractable cable reels, etc. We offer  cost effective and efficient solutions to suit various applications.





Lightning Warning System

Singapore is a lightning capital. According to SS555:2018, lightning warning system is mandatory for an open space area where structural lightning protection is not feasible. For example, roof gardens, school playgrounds, construction sites, outdoor swimming pools need to have localized lightning warning system installed.

Our lightning warning system can combine Class A (electrostatic field sensor) and Class B (electromagnetic wave sensor) to provide more accurate early lightning warnings.


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Retractable Cable Reels

We supply industrial and home used retractable cable reel. It is designed in Singapore and uses high quality spring. The retractable cable reels includes power reel and data reel. Various customizations are allowed.

Retractable Cable Reel
Retractable Cable Reel

ESE Air Terminal

Early streamer emission (ESE) air terminals are especially effective for lightning protection of industrial sites, administrative or public buildings, monuments and open-air sites such as sports grounds. It attracts lightning flash by emitting ions and thus protect neighboring structures.

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Project Gallery

Portable Diesel Generator for NTU
Rubber Fender for Three Gorges Dam
Rubber Fender for Navy Force
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Cable Reel
Rubber Fender NEA incineration plant
Cable Reel for Electric Car



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Lightning warning system banner wide